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Recording/Outside Broadcast

In 2008 we launched our Digital Mobile Recording and Outside Broadcast Van, which is built around an Innovason SY80 Digital Mixing console. The Van can mix and record up to 104 channels of audio at the moment and is a Total Digital Solution.

The Mixing system consists of Stage Boxes which house the highest quality Microphone Preamps and once the signal passes through them it is converted into the Digital domain. It is then transmitted via Ethersound (CAT5) and/or Muixpaire Coaxial Cable to the Console’s Mix Box and from there is sent to the Recording Device via CAT 5 Cable.

What all of this translates to is a huge saving in Time, Space and Effort! No more Bulky Analogue Multicore Cables, Patchbays, Hums and buzzes!
Just pristine Digital Audio from input to output or the files for mix down.

All the patching and routing is done via the Console’s Software.

Since it was commissioned the Van has done some of the Country’s most Prestigious Broadcasts and Recordings. For more details see the list below,
our News section or feel free to Contact us.

As an alternative, we offer the same multi-track recording ability directly from the FOH console at the event using, an Ethersound, MADI or Dante equipped recording device.

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