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VOK-SET 03 KIT "Ready-to-use" Vokkero Kit including: - 3 "Vokker" terminals 2000mAh version - 4 batteries (2000mAh) - 3 generic headsets KEN 020 - 1 charger (3 slot) BCH 030 + Power supply - 1 carrying case HAC 013.

Vokkero® is a complete system composed of a set of mobile radio terminals with a wide range of headsets and accessories available for each specifi c sector.

Vokkero® is perfectly suited to the industrial, construction, safety, entertainment, marine and sports industries.

The Vokkero® radio communication system is available as a ready-to-use kit, including all necessary accessories for immediate use.

We offer many kits, standards or customs, suited to your needs.

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