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The MADRIX NEO is a small, reliable, and easy-to-use DMX512 USB interface.

The MADRIX software license for 512 DMX channels is already included.

The MADRIX NEO makes it much easier to work with any DMX-based LED lighting installation thanks to its highly professional qualities and MADRIX.

DMX-IN/OUT with 5-pin NEUTRIK XLR Port
The NEO hardware allows you to send or receive data via MADRIX software using 512 DMX channels.
A Male to Male 3-pin or 5-pin XLR Gender Changer is required for DMX-IN.


USB 2.0 Standard
The latest USB 2.0 standard is fully supported to allow for a higher maximum speed of 480Mbit/s.


Power Over USB
The interface is powered directly via the USB port and does not need an additional power supply.


High Quality
Made from light but solid metal it features a robust enclosure and an eye-catching design.

Hot Swapping & Plug and Play

Devices can be connected to and disconnected from the computer during use and without a reboot.


Remote Control
MADRIX can be controlled remotely using the implemented DMX-IN functions.


Frame Rate Stability
Up to 60 NEOs can be connected to a USB host controller without having any frame rate problems.
(60 DMX512 interfaces amount to 30,720 DMX channels.)

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