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 2-channel Green-GO intercom/cuelight wallmounted panels 

This range of Green-GO communications panels provides three levels of network integration: GWP-HS is a panel-mounted version of the GBP2 beltpack with direct access to 2 channels (which may be a single direct user or a group) with a headset/mic connection; GWP-SP has similar features but with an integrated loudspeaker and microphone in place of the XLR4 headset connector, and GWP is for cuelight display and acknowledgement only. 

All versions have a large LCD display is also a cue acknowledgement pushbutton, and has a RGB backlight and text display that provides a clear cue light warn/go and text display. 

For GWP-HS and GWP-SP, a rotary encoder acts as a master volume control, and when pressed, the encoder answers the latest audio source. Two push buttons provide instant access to the two channels. All matrix data is held within the panel, which is powered via the Ethernet network connection.


Features include: 

• Operates with any other Green-GO beltpack or multichannel desk (no matrix required) 

• Powered by Power Over Ethernet (suitable network power supply is needed e.g. Green-GO 5-port switch), no batteries required 

• All interconnection routing data, system setup and preferences are held in local memory and updated via the network and is updated/ replaced if a panel is exchanged. 

• Green-GO setup freeware may be downloaded from the Green-GO website 



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