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CDC MC Optical-4 Bridge

The CDC MC Optical-4, a 1U rack mounted bridge, allows MegaCOMMS runs of 128 channels of 24-bit 96 kHz audio up to a distance of 2 km (6,561 feet) from bridge to bridge.

The CDC MC Optical-4 has 4 pairs of MegaCOMMS ports (Tx, Rx) with a duplex optical LC port per pair allowing up to 512 channels of audio to be transmitted. Each of the four MegaCOMMS pairs are independent of each other allowing for complete flexibility to suite any application. The unit is also fitted with redundant PSUs as standard for peace of mind.

Feature Summary

  • 1U MegaCOMMS optical bridges options
  • 512 channels can be sent up to 2 km (6,561 feet)
  • 0.011 millisecond of latency over 2 km
  • 4 pairs of MegaCOMMS ports (Tx, Rx)
  • 4 duplex multi-mode or single mode SFP LC optical ports
  • MegaCOMMS network ports glow either red or blue for Rx (receive) or Tx (transmit)
  • Dual PSUs as standard
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