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VersaPix 100


VERSAPIX™ is a modular LED luminaire allowing the creation of a large variety of visual effects. It is made up of 8 independent 15-Watt RGBW modules, fitted with 45-mm optics that allow a very powerful 8° native beam. Each module has its own cooling system based on the use of a radiator equipped with heat transfer fluids with heat-exchange material. When combined with optional optical filters, the beams of the VERSAPIX™ can transform into horizontal or vertical blades of light.

The only limit is your imagination

Each LED module can be controlled individually and offers a multitude of effect options. Numerous preprogrammed dynamic effects are available in the internal memory, which can be combined with multiple reproduction methods and colour macros. The VERSAPIX™ units can be interchanged to create complex luminaires in the shape of discs, spheres, cylinders, fans or be installed individually in multiple architectural configurations. The only limit for using the VERSAPIX 100 is your imagination

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