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The MAGICRING™R9 is the most powerful and extravagant luminaire in this new range. It is also the most RADICAL in terms of its dimensions, but especially due to its excessiveness. With an overall flux of 29,000 lumen and a centre beam luminous intensity of more than 3,200,000 candelas, it is reserved for extreme uses. Just like the MAGICBLADE™R and the MAGICPANEL™R, it offers double continuous rotation on PAN/TILT axes, which is controlled by powerful three-phase stepper motors.

Multicolour volumetric modelling beam

The power, beam concentration, point-by-point control over each luminous source and the layout of the LEDs in four rings provide numerous new graphic options such as multicolour volumetric modelling of the beam. The MAGICRING™R9 offers several control modes depending on the user’s choice and programming constraints. The reduced mode limits the number of control channels to 18 whilst providing access to a library of pre-programmed effects; the extended 256-channel mode, on the other hand, enables the user to access all the functionalities with individual control over each light source.


AYRTON™ has opted for a minimalist design for its RADICAL range, with the primarily objective of reducing the visual footprint of its luminaires. The gap between the optics has been reduced to a minimum and improved integration of the rotation system continues to allow a reduction in the arm thickness.

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