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The INTELLIPIX™-R is quite a special luminaire in the RADICAL range. Not only is the only nonmoving light but it has been under developement for over four years and marks the long awaited creation of ultra intensive optics. In fact, only large-sized optics paired with reduced light emitting surface RGBW multi-chip LED could meet the specifications and enable the creation of volumetric colour graphic effects.

Versatile 3d color semi-transparent screen

The challenge of this design was also to be visually semi-transparent, to have an integrated power supply and to enable both indoor and outdoor use. The INTELLIPIX™-R is designed for the creation of suspended screens, poles and ceilings. It can also be installed on the floor with the help of a specific kit to create a 3D luminous floor. A user-friendly Ethernet connection and an ultra-fast secure fastening system allows the connection of a large number of luminaires in series.


IntelliPix™-R is a modular beam projection panel which puts twenty-five independently controllable 4.5º beam into a 5 x 5 array that projects graphics and media far into the air with power never before imagined. Connect multiple panels together in a wall to form a giant screen or, place them under glass to create a projection floor that can wrap a performing artist in dynamic columns of light.

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