RollaPix 100


ROLLAPIX is the first motorised linear LED luminaire fitted with a 4:1 double zoom system. This new generation of luminaires was designed for the entertainment industry in collaboration with a famous French lighting designer and it offers all the new features of 4G technology. The distinctive characteristic of the ROLLAPIX 100 is to integrate 8 independent 10-Watt RGBW LEDs teamed with two zoom systems, which can be controlled separately in order to create a multitude of diverse effects.

Imagine your virtual lighting decors

The motorisation of the Tilt axis allows the addition of numerous options to this luminaire, such as the creation of partitions, barriers or mobile virtual doors. The broad zoom range of each LED group enhances the visual effect of the appearance and fading of light when it materialises in the fog. Numerous pre-programmed dynamic effects are available in the internal memory, which can be combined with multiple reproduction methods and colour macros. The ROLLAPIX 100 is the ideal tool for the creation of virtual lighting decors or for showing off actual architectural constructions on stage.


Since the RollaPix features a world-première double zoom system,each group of 4 LED’s is fitted with a 10°- 32° zoom lens support, both zooms can be individually controlled and used for the famous appearing/disappearing effects of beams, and half-diode pumping.

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