NANDOBEAM S6 is a powerful and ultra-fast moving-head in a compact housing. Its advanced and very efficient proprietary optical system coupled with powerful 15 Watt RGBW LED provide 8° narrow beam as well as 40° wide coverage. The quality of the color-mixing makes the NANDOBEAM S6 suitable for the most demanding environments. The 37 15-Watt LED are cooled by a heatpipe equipped with heat-transfer fluids and heatexchange material. This advanced cooling technology allows an extended LED lifetime, quiet operations and a maximum lighting sources efficiency.

A versatile product

Thanks to its 9.000 lumen output at 40° angle the NANDOBEAM S6 is the perfect lighting tool to be used as a Beam moving-head. Its wide angle up to 40° allows interesting Wash possibilities. Coupled with effects capacities in front of the audience or camera thanks to its individual control of 3 semi-ring and the center LED in expanded FULL COLOR mode,it makes the NANDOBEAM S6 very versatile: Beam , Wash or Matrix.


The NANDOBEAM S6 is equipped with new generation three phase stepper motors that allow quick and precise movement essential for this type of application. Very compact, these new motors fit perfectly into the minimalist design of the luminaire.

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