The MAGICPANEL-R™ represents a declension pattern over the famous MAGICPANEL™602, which has enjoyed huge international success since its launch at Prolight+Sound 2013. The integration of the features specific to the RADICAL range paired with continuous double rotation on two axes and a 5 X 5 matrix with a central point once again allows us to push the boundaries of imagination.

An incredible efficiency

Taking into account its 4.5° optics, the RADICAL model generates more clearly defined beams with a cleaner separation between them. This reinforces the visual rendering of the 3D volumetric effects and triples its range. Fitted with 25 x 15-watt LED RGBW sources, each MAGICPANEL™-R offers an overall flux of 11500 lumen and a centre beam luminous intensity of 1,350,000 candela for an overall consumption of a mere 450 watts, which translates into a visual perception that is twice as high as the 45 millimeter optics for 30% less power consumption.


The MAGICPANEL-R™ benefits from stringent selection of LED sources, which guarantees colour reproducibility and a considerable increase in flux compared to previous generations. AYRTON™ has improved thermal management by reducing the number of layers between the LED source and the heat sink and by using latest generation high conductivity aluminium PCBs.

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