Medium throw enclosures

Medium throw enclosures


The ARCS®WIDE and ARCS®FOCUS systems are based on two constant curvature enclosures ensuring distinct directivity pattern and SPL capabilities.

Intended for medium-throw applications in rental productions and fixed installations, these line sources deliver remarkable acoustic properties and unmatched versatility for applications including FOH L/R systems, central clusters, side-fill monitors, distributed systems and complementary fills.

The main systems components consist of the following:

  • ARCS®WIDE (H x V: 30° x 90°) element, wide coverage, operating from 55Hz to 20kHz;
  • ARCS®FOCUS (H x V: 15° x 90°) element, focused energy, operating from 55Hz to20 kHz;
  • SB18m low frequency extension, operating down to 32Hz;
  • LA4 or LA8 amplified controllers.


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