Lapel & Headset

Lapel & Headset


The VT500WATER is a waterproof version (IPX-7 certificated) of the VT500 lavalier microphone.

Due to a special molding injection treatment the microphone can even be temporarily situated completely under water, without taking any damage.

This enables a special flexible use in broadcast and live area or even at sports events.

In addition the microphone is rugged and shockproof.

The VT500WATER for the developed Americans Cup, as a need for a waterproof capsule arose. Here is a video with the mics in action.

Every single member of the crew on each boat carries a VT500WATER . In addition, about four VT500WATER on the boat are distributed around the Ambience transfer.
With regard to use in saltwater, after the water evaporates, the salt remains on the microphones, they have cleaned the microphones each after use in distilled water.


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